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‘Lilidorei – what’s Your Story?’ units of work aim to immerse children in a world within a world, created to stimulate storytelling skills, imagination, curiosity, exploring, and a place where using imagination is to be experienced. It provides children with high-quality fun learning experiences that are creative, active, collaborative and inspire enthusiasm for storytelling stretching the imagination to engage in strong creative writing and activities.

The units of work help to contextualise learning by linking knowledge and skills to active learning experiences, which provide opportunities to further develop and apply knowledge and skills.  All the units of work can be taught independently of each other with the exception of the Newspaper Report that is linked to the Quest Story.

All units of work are linked to the National Curriculum.  Activities are designed to be inclusive for all and can be easily differentiated for Key Stage 2 and some for Key Stage 1 to also enjoy.  Every unit of work has a learning unit of work including lesson by lesson break down, Presentation Document, and a resources pack.

Timing Example:

We suggest a two-week programme of study in English with an adaptable timing plan shown below for the full Lilidorei Bespoke Scheme of Work.  We would encourage you to complete all the Pre-Visit activities to ensure that the children get the most of their visit to Lilidorei.  Some components of their visit will be linked to their pre-learning.

Our main unit of work allows children before their visit to delve into the world of stories, characters, wishes and magical items.  On returning back to the classroom, children can use their visit to write their very own narratives including a Quest Story progressing their learning in developing story setting, characters and plot.

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Additionally, there are a number of units of work that can be delivered, for each unit of work listed below there is a lesson by lesson plan, learning resources and a Presentation Document for all the lessons.